The Own Code Psychotherapy ®  

The name was coined by Norma Di Lorenzo in 1990 to designate a set of symbols that convey accurate information and represent the most genuine part of the human being. Everyone can access this information immediately through the direct experience of an issue that concerns us.

This system, instead of "talking" about what hurts us, we fear about, or brings difficulties in our daily life, encourages us to inhabit with our full body and in a state of introspection that problem which disturbs us.

Following this path we can discover the truth, what is the message we need to rescue from any situation, to never repeated it or let it cause us more suffering.

The Own Code Psychotherapy ® is the result of real life experiences and everyone can apply it without the help from one professional who needs to interpret it.

The Psychotherapy of the Own Code ®, created and practiced from 1987 to date, with a sample of over 1500 cases, is designed according to this set of guidelines that allows us to discover our true nature, helps to heal the wounds of self and teaches to "put ourselves in the shoes of others."

We realize that we are using our Own Code ® when life goes with simplicity and freshness, even under the most adverse circumstances in which we live. Allows us to spend the least amount of energy, gets the best results, and teaches us to live in harmony with everything around us.

  The Structure of the Self  

The Own Code Psychotherapy considers the Self, in its dynamic nature, which can be represented by the Chinese symbol for yin-yang.

In this symbol we can see an entanglement and flow of movement fusion within a circle. The circle is divided into two areas, each of which is shaped like a fish. Within the black area there is a white dot and within the white area, a black dot.

This image shows that within one unit, they exist duality, polarity and contrast. The only way to find a real balance, without losing the unifying effect of the circle is to think of opposing energies moving together harmoniously intertwined.

The ego is the psychic instance by which we recognize an entity that differentiates us, but at the same time unifies us whit the rest of humans. Within it, they live two forces similar to those found in the executive and emotional brain. These seemingly opposite energies move in unison.

The passive Self, yin, or limbic association areas, it is the emotional domain, receptive, listening skills, receive, wait. The part of the body that symbolically represents this area is the heart.

The active Self, yang, or prefrontal areas, leads the initiative, the action, make decisions to insert us in the world. It is the intellectual realm of thought and ideas, symbolically represented by the mind.

When the self is in balance, it brings health and harmony to humans.

When both functions are harmoniously intertwined, the ego is balanced and the mind and heart dance in harmony generating health and simplifying life, and the best results are obtained by investing a minimum of effort. This is the Own Code path.

When the opposite happens, and one area is oversized relative to the other, the results are difficulties, fears, diseases, and other related problems.

  The Inner Teacher 

This instance is the closest thing to a quartz crystal acting a witness of the Self.

We can look into ourselves from outside our bodies, so we can realize what is wrong with our lives without engaging our mind (active Self) nor our emotions (passive Self).

By doing it we develop the intuition, like a teacher located inside ourselves, which provides vital information about us and our environment.

When the Self is balanced from an energy view point, our inner teacher is automatically so we can transcend our mind and body and reached a state of wisdom.

  The Unconscious  

When the Inner Teacher is called naturally, we find easy to consciously reach the Unconscious.

It is the wisest approach because it utilizes our dreams, symptoms and / or difficulties in our daily lives to give us a message: it alerts us always when we are off balance, which is essential to our life.

Every time there is an imbalance between the two energies within our self, we are warned by a sign, to not repeat the same thing which makes us suffer. All of us have the chance, provided we have the proper training, to access this remainder, to get back to physical, mental and spiritual balance.

Accessing these wisest elements within us, means almost to develop an even wiser eye than the eye of intuition. Getting to the Unconscious is like the cosmic eye dwell within our being.

A long journey with more than 1500 cases analyzed, allowed to discover the dynamic nature of our psyche, understand how operates and recognize its different areas.

The Own Code Psychotherapy provides us with the chance of activating the wiser part of ourselves.

Occasionally, our mind suddenly changed or altered from certain stimuli and this is beyond our comprehension. However, each of these states relates to critical information about our innermost being. We may find wisdom behind every single act if we dared to venture into the depths of our mind.

The Own Code therapies give us the chance of inhabiting one not commonly known space, developing the ability to put ourselves in someone else´s. Learning to live on it, results in maintaining interpersonal relationships in good health.

We can analyze the root of fears, its consequences and dilemma in our lives, so we can envision the true path to alleviate our suffering. All this leaves clear the way to move into the depths of the Unconscious, which is the wiser part of our psyche inhabited by the wisdom, as the most genuine of us.

To get there we need to learn to accurately read the messages of our dreams and symptoms, through which the Unconscious tells us that we are receding from our equilibrium.


The art of living together


The relationship between human beings should be very simple and yet it is not. Living together can be transformed over the years into a true work of art, where you need a good dose of patience, tolerance and creativity. One of the reasons that make coexistence is so delicate that it becomes a faithful mirror and shows us the different facets of ourselves.

We decided to live with someone and do it while we can beget children, and to bless the union with a religious ceremony, however, it happens that the person chosen to be our company is also the one with whom we most discussed.

Sometimes, even sharing the same bed, we can feel very far from the other, even in doubt of being in love and, in the worst case, we appeal to lies, deceit, or silence that hurts, because they are the only way we find to live.

However, the choices we make reflect the internal state of our self.

Every person that we meet and stay with us because we choose to do so, is actually a teacher who will alert our Unconscious that there is something in our personality that we need to improve because we are moving away from our healthy position.

As the person chosen to be with us does not meet all the conditions that we expect, we believe that this is the explanation for our unhappiness, when the reality is often quite different. Our wiser inner is trying to communicate us this message, but if we fail to decipher it, the dissatisfaction will continue with us, even if we change our partner. Feeling that we are not closer to our partner, may be also a sign that tells us we are also distanced from our own selves, without realizing it.

Harmonious coexistence is similar to a dance. There must be one coordination between all the parts, a successful balance between the waiting skill required to allow for our partner´s freely movement, and the ability to take initiative at the right time, so the net result is harmonious.

To be able to develop the ability to wait requires learning to listen the messages coming from our body, our feelings and our intuition. To take the initiative requires the attitude of one right action, at the right time, consuming very little energy, and allowing us to achieve the best result for us and those around us.

This dance needs to be practiced first within each of us and only then shared and enjoyed by the couple.

  The language of dreams  

As a result of collecting data from a large number of patients between 1987 and 1999, one pattern of reading the dreams was recognized for both regular people and the ones under therapeutic treatment, drawing as a conclusion that dreams can be seen as the guardians of the yin-yang balance in the body.

A virtuous person is not the one undertaking the impossible task of advocating for good and eliminate evil, but rather the one that is able to maintain a dynamic balance between good and evil, since both energies are absolutely necessary for life.

Since the cost of energy produced at a given time must be offset by a recovery period, sleep is for individuals a neuroprotective resource. However, there are two distinct states: the desynchronized or paradoxical (REM) and slow sync or (NREM) According to the results of the studies, we could infer that there is a direct relationship between the female characters appear in them and their equivalents (water, girls, swimming pools, landscapes) with motivational and affective expressions of the dreamer in waking; and between male characters and their equivalents (thieves, police, ceilings) with cognitive processes relating to intellectual thought and waking.

The function of REM sleep therefore indicates the dreamer with mathematical precision in what state his internal energy balance: active-passive / yin-yang is.

Through characters of active connotation (men, thieves, persecution, etc.), the brain is monitoring the excessive intellectual activity in both male and female persons during wakefulness. If these characters predominate, it is clear that the dreamer has privileged intellectual mechanisms vs emotional or affective ones, but are not aware of this.

According to the energy balance between active and passive roles during wakefulness, the brain is looking at memory patterns which are relevant and accurate to the process. Its function is to maintain a balance between both processes, designing a language that allows the dreamer to access this knowledge and to be able to restore it in case of major deviations.

Considering the above, it is rather simple to access the dream´s messages by the professional and later on, the patient when is being instructed to properly do so and reveal this crucial information for his health.



The calm mind


Shambhala was known as the enlightened city, since it has developed wisdom in all its inhabitants. It existed in Central Asia and was characterized by the behavior of people that lived there, free of anxiety, in an close relationship with life, with the body, food, home, the breathing and the environment.

These lessons were transmitted from person to person until today.

The goal of learning Shambhala is to be able to leave the cocoon, the apparent retreat we found when we rely on the known world, controlled by our thoughts and habits, that lead many to believe that we have everything under control.

When we left, we see that kindness and gratitude arise in us, in a mixture of joy and sorrow as well ...

Sadness is also a source of inspiration, as is the appreciation of others. He mentions the Great Eastern Sun, which rises, showing that we have the potential to discover our own goodness and the Shambhala kingdom is within us.

The Own Code Psychotherapy disseminates these concepts in small groups, according to The Sacred Path of the Warrior, meditating, painting mandalas and reflecting deeply on these concepts.

The goal is to calm the mind, through a synthesis between our Own Code and Shambhala. It consists of a six-step program to implement in our day to day, which helps us to further develop the most authentic that resides in us.

  Everyday life  

Given the external and internal crisis in which we live, Own Code opens the door to all those who want to find answers to many questions we ask ourselves. The aim is to develop kindness and compassion to help others.

In a series of four lectures, addressed issues such as addictions to money, physical exhaustion, illness, malaise, worthlessness, feeling desolate, unwanted, unneeded, fear of happiness and the states of joy, or any other topic that is of the interest of the participants.



Meaning of Own Code


This article was presented at The Congress of Argentinian Association for Mental Health, official voting member of: World Federation of Mental Health The Argentinian Association for Mental Health is a scientific, academic, ethical and non-profit institution, independent of all political parties, scientific schools, philosophical or religious belief.

Back in 1990 and after more than ten years of practice, study and integration of experiences, the Own Code Psychotherapy®, was defined as one set of symbols which transmits and represents accurate information about the healthy aspects of personality.

Based on this concept, a new psychotherapeutic treatment was developed, deployed and constantly improved since then.

The treatment focuses on guiding and supporting patients on their Own Code discovery, identification and ownership, aiming at replacing the Learned Code, which unable them to reach their authentic personality essence.

It focuses on a series of guided exercises based on a internalization and visualization process.

The core of this therapy is not the speech of the patient, but direct experiences through mental images and sensory developments, involving the body as a vivid and objective record of what has been experienced during the process.

During each session, carefully designed, the person with their eyes closed (use a mask to facilitate the relaxation and introspection) receives guidance from the therapist to do the exercise, recording words and recognizing physical behaviors as indicators of changes.

There are eight working sessions on specific topics, during each one of them changes are being monitored using biofeedback equipment on emotions (galvanometer), muscle tension (electromyograph) and autonomic nervous system (thermograph) in combination with other physiological records.

This approach has the advantages of a brief therapy (eight sessions), a very practical methodology, and real life and accurate data.

Discomfort in Neurobiology:

The difficult two brains marriage During the II Congress of Mental Health, I mentioned Dr. D. Servan-Schreiber, to introduce the Own Code theoretical foundations.

Te latest contributions of Cognitive Neuroscience, Neurolinguistics and Neurophysiology allowed me to understand the mechanism by which the Own Code introspective exercises are so effective in the short term.

While the emotional - less conscious, limbic areas of the brain- is dedicated to the survival tasks and more connected to the body, its counterpart: the cognitive - conscious, rational, pre-frontal areas of the brain- is turned to the outside world.

From this perspective, psychic life can be considered as the result of an ongoing symbiosis effort between the two brain functions.

However, this delicate balance between both, does not seem to be achieved easily today. The “limbic brain”, as the control center, continuously gathers information from various body elements, controlling the internal homeostasis by regulating breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, among others influencers. Since it remains much more close to the body than the“cognitive brain”, it is often easier to reach emotions through the body language.

Own Code exercises promote this difficult dialogue between the two processes. Using one state of introspection, jointly with physiological relaxation (biofeedback), mental or sensory imagery and closed eyes, areas of the more receptive brain are stimulated. This allows the patient, during a short treatment period, to get direct information of valuable unconscious material required for repositioning with himself, his body and his environment.

Case Report:

Part 1
Paula is 16 and weighs 135 kg.
Receives psychological treatment since age 6, was attended by nutritionists and has been medicated with Prozac.
She is neither attending college, nor having an active social life. Her family is taking care of her, at home. During the first session, the biofeedback diagnostic shows good ability to relax, no peripheral vasoconstriction, and the only observation is that emotional register (galvanometer) is much higher than normal.
During the third session, with the eyes closed, she is asked to imagine one situation in which she feels bad about herself. The result is she in her room, devouring sweet cookies until the box was empty.
She was asked then to relax, visualize one of those cookies as if these were in front of her, and tell aloud what happens to her with them, without stop looking at them.
"I feel very angry when I look at you, I think I'm going to hurt someone and then someone will realize how bad I am and will stop making me suffer. It is a way of showing my anger. I would need to cry but I can do it”.

Part 2
She rises from her place and sits in front, transforming herself in the cookie.
I read what she said and ask her, “as cookie”, to answer Paula:
"You look very sad. You are bad and do not know what to do. You gain nothing by having another suffering others because then you stay alone, you're afraid of someone making you suffer, or open yourself to others and not getting reciprocity. I wish that when you approach me do it for enjoyment, to have pleasure to be with me. Keep me for a special occasion where you really want to enjoy ".

I then read Part 1 asking who might be feeling the same in relation to her in this way: Paula:
"I feel very angry when I look at you, I think I'm going to hurt you and then someone will realize how bad I am and will stop making me suffer. It is a way of showing my anger. I would need to cry but I can do it”.
Listening, she replies: "...is my father "...; and adds:" ... my parents fight a lot together, and my mother says“ he always makes me feel guilty"...
I then read the Part 2 as her resources, her own code, which in case she develops it, will certainly ease her discomfort. In this case addressed to his father: Dad: "... you look very sad, You are bad and do not know what to do. You gain nothing by having mom suffering, because then you're alone and you're afraid of someone making you suffer, or open yourself to others and not getting reciprocity. I wish that when you approach to me do it for enjoyment, to have pleasure to be with me. Keep me for a special occasion where you really want to enjoy "...

After reading the material Paula cried a lot and down the galvanometer levels to normal. Physiologically "devour" emotions in this case equals to "eat" foods.
Note: This material was checked with both parents, who approved it totally.
It is important to remark that for her father it was the first time in many years attending a therapy session for her daughter.
Before the end of the eight sessions, Paula invited two friends to her house and the relationship with their parents was significantly improved.


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